Cheap Website Traffic From Google AdWords

Let’s make this clear: cheap website traffic does not mean free website traffic, and in this article I will concern myself with getting cheap website traffic using Google AdWords. Anything dealing with the notion of free web site traffic falls outside the purview of this article.

Google AdWords and Cheap Website Traffic

The first thing in the process is to understand how much we pay for Google AdWords keywords?

Actually, the amount we pay for Google AdWords keywords is never the amount that we placed our bid for. We almost always end up paying less than what we bade for.


Actually, you only pay 1 percent more than what person below you have bid for the keyword, not the maximum amount you bid for. In this regard, Google AdWords keywords auction work more or less like an e-bay auction.

The second thing that matters in the rate is click through rate (CTR). As the matter of fact, this plays a more important role in deciding if you will get the keyword or not than the amount you wrote in bid. The more relevant your website is for the searchers of that particular keyword the lesser money you will pay for the keywords.

In many situations, just an increase of 1% in CTR means a drop in as much as 50% in the price you pay for the keyword. Hence, if you want cheap website traffic from Google AdWords then it is important for you to increase the click through rate and make you content and website as tightly focused around the keyword as possible.

The third thing in the process is to measure what works and what doesn’t. Keep shuffling the ad copy until you perfect your system, and reuse the things that work. The higher your click through rate will go the cheaper your web traffic will become. Eventually, it may reach a level that you consider is as free web site traffic

Your high click through rate will also push your ads upward for the chosen keywords because for Google, this is not just about your cheap website traffic for you, but it is about real money.